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Communication: Meetings held throughout the year keep members knowledgeable about upcoming event and changes within the organization. Frequent social media posts to stay alert on what’s happening in our ever evolving field.


Continuing Education: Stay ahead of the curve! Dental hygiene is always progressing and we as clinicians need to stay informed in order to deliver optimal care. Members receive a discounted rate for courses offered.


Networking: Professional membership offers an opportunity to share and discover other perspectives on career and practice. Being a member also provides an excellent avenue to reacquaint with past classmates and colleagues.


Public Service: We create opportunities for our members to serve in community service settings designed to advance public knowledge on oral health care.


Representation: Our associations lobby lawmakers for legal change in our profession. In recent years, new bills created allow for the administering of local anesthesia and nitrous oxide for pain management

Did you know?

Membership with your local component, BDHA, also includes automatic membership on the state level with the New York Dental Hygienists’ Association (NYDHA) and the national level with the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA). More information on benefits associated with your ADHA membership can be found here\ which includes discounts on insurance policies and disability.


How to Join

1.) Go to

2.) Find Join ADHA tab

3.) Step by step instructions will guide you through creating your account and membership

4.) Convenient payments plans exist for your dues. An annual or quarterly payment option is available for which suits your finances and life best.

5.) Once dues are received and forms are completed, BDHA member services will reach out and welcome you to the organization!

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