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President's Blog

           Hello fellow dental hygienists! My name is Gabrielle Damin, and I am the current acting President of the Buffalo Dental Hygienists’ Association.  I am currently employed full time at a private practice located in the heart of Allentown. I love going to work every day and establishing rapports with each of my patients. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the dental hygiene profession.  Having not been in the field very long, I know I have a tremendous amount to still learn. However, that makes me extremely excited.  That’s why I love this field. I get to learn each day and from each patient I have the opportunity to treat. 


          My ultimate goal as president is to increase interest. I plan on being more active with the upcoming graduates and students enrolled in the program. The students leaving the program are our future, and I believe it wise to direct our attention to them. Finding avenues in order to make that connection with each student is crucial. I also want to make our presence more known in the local dental community, optimally through social media. Lastly, I aim to ignite or tend to the passion in each of you as well. We all made the conscious decision to be a member of this organization, each with our own reasons. If we chose to act together, I know we can make our association better than it already is. 

Lastly, don't ever forget how important your role is a dental hygienist. Be proud of your career and profession. I wish you the absolute best in all that you do and know I am here for each of you.





Gabrielle Damin, RDH

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